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5 Reasons to go on retreat

To retreat means to withdraw or drawback. It's important to withdraw from the stresses and routine of everyday life every once in a while to restore, recharge and get inspired to make the most of life. Go on retreat to find stillness and tune in. Check out the multi-day immersions I have created for you to enjoy nature, movement and meditation. 

1. Find stillness

Daily life is full of noise, and distraction. We need stillness to listen deeply. Often it's stillness where we find purpose and direction. We can find stillness everywhere, but it is best found in nature. That's why I love to take my clients deep into the wild. 

Sunrise mountain meditation with Barbara van der Meer
Stillness can be found anywhere, but it is best found in nature. That's why I love to bring my clients deep into the wild.

2. Challenge yourself

I believe we need challenge in order to grow. Great things never come from comfort zones. Transformation is created by the heat of friction. With the right mixture of challenge and self-care we can explore what we are capable of, push our limits and thrive.

3. Practice self-care

Challenge and self-care go hand in hand. We can only thrive in a sustainable way if we know how to take care of ourselves and practice self-care on a regular basis. Going on retreat is an excellent form of self-care. It allows you to focus on you, to learn to listen to your body and to respond from wisdom, rather than react automatically to the challenges presented to you.

4. Be courageous and listen deeply

To look within and to be open to whatever it is you find requires courage. Self-inquiry is the continuous practice of genuine curiosity for the present moment experience. It's daring to ask the big questions: Who am I? What is it I am here for?

5. Become more aware

It is my mission to increase present moment awareness. I help people harness it to gain self-insight and expand their performance across all fields of life; whether it is the effectiveness of their work, quality of their relationships or joy of life in general.

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