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Mindfulness can be described as the practice of paying attention in the present moment, and doing it intentionally and with non-judgment. That might sound simple, but mindful living requires practice. Before you know it you relapse into automatic patterns and thoughts. By practicing mindfulness, we train our ability to switch off the autopilot and truly experience the present moment as it is. This helps us to enjoy life to the fullest and to deal with difficult things in life. Mindfulness reduces stress, tension and anxiety. Through mindfulness we increase our ability to consciously choose how we respond to events.

Mindfulness training




The training consists of eight weekly 2 - 2,5 hour meetings and a silent retreat day. In the meetings we will practice different meditation techniques such as the body scan, sitting meditation, walking meditation and yoga/mindful movement. There will be opportunity to exchange ideas and share personal experiences. Practicing at home is an essential part of the training. Mindfulness is a practice and it takes time and repetition for the brain and our behavioural patterns to slowly adjust to a new and more mindful state. Therefore it is important that you practice at home during the training period. You will receive audio files and a workbook to help you practice at home. Experience shows that exercising at home is important for the effectiveness of the training. It is recommended to practice about 45 minutes per day.


Mindfulness is for everyone who wants to live more consciously and thereby improve the quality of their life. Mindfulness training is suitable for people who want to cope better with stress, tension, worry, anxiety, sadness or pain. Also, if you feel like your life is fast paced and time is just passing you by without noticing the small joys of life, mindfulness training is suitable for you. You do not need any previous meditation experience or special physical skills to participate in the eight-week MBSR training or the Focus & Relaxation training.



// 8-week MBSR English spoken


Hilversum/ Loosdrecht,

Retreat Center 't Gooi

& online

Tuesday evenings: 19:15-21:30

Starting February 23rd 2021

// 8-week MBSR Dutch spoken

Location: Hilversum

Monday evenings: 19:15-21:30

Starting TBD 2021


// 8x in 4-week MBSR English spoken

Session 1: LIVE February 23 19:15-21:30
Session 2: ONLINE February 25 19:30-21:30
Session 3:  LIVE March 2 19:15-21:30
Session 4: ONLINE 
March 4 19:30-21:30
Session 5: LIVE March 9 19:15-21:30
Session 6: ONLINE 
March 11 19:30-21:30

Silent retreat day: March 14 10:00-17:00 (more information)
Session 7: LIVE March 16 19:15-21:30
Session 8: ONLINE March 18



Retreat Center 't Gooi

Rading 10, 1231 KA Loosdrecht


Price per person:

€0 to maximum €425* 

*Some Dutch health care insurances cover this training, check your insurance here

*There are a few places reserved for those who  are not insured and cannot afford this training - please contact Barbara to discuss

This price includes:

  • 8x Live guidance by experienced and certified category 1 MBSR trainer

  • 1x silent retreat day including lunch 

  • Personal email support during the training period

  • Printed manual

  • Digital audio files

  • 21% VAT


Minimum 4, maximum 10 participants


Participants in this training indicate that they go through the training
• be more relaxed
• have more self-confidence
• experience reduced anxiety
• experiencing reduced stress
• have more self-acceptance
• be able to make better decisions in difficult situations


Your trainer is Barbara van der Meer. Barbara is an experienced and certified VMBN category 1 mindfulness trainer. She graduated the post-master at the Centre for Mindfulness at the Radboud University Medical Centre in Nijmegen. Because Barbara is a trainer with the highest level of certification, her trainings are (partially) reimbursed by most health care insurances. In addition to teaching mindfulness and providing corprate trainings in the field of stress management and personal development, Barbara works as yoga & meditation teacher, organising retreats in the Netherlands and abroad, and she is a expedition leading guiding groups of people on high mountains all over the world. > READ MORE.


You can register for the training by clicking on the link below. You will need to fill out an intake form. After submitting your intake form, the trainer will get in touch via email to confirm your registration. Upon conformation of your registration you will be asked to pay a €75 deposit. The rest of your balance is due 2 weeks before the start of training, or in case of last-minute booking within 2 week up to the start of training upon confirmation of your registration.

> Terms & Conditions

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