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Barbara van der Meer works as speaker, facilitator,

mindfulness trainer, yoga teacher,

mountain hiking guide and expedition leader.

Hi! I am Barbara


I work as speaker, facilitator, mindfulness trainer, yoga- & meditation teacher and expedition leader. It's my job to help people use present moment awareness and focused energy to reach their full potential. My work field ranges from corporate offices and yoga retreat centers to high mountains all over the world.

Even though these environments seem to differ greatly, I see the same things happening to my clients across all these fields. Whether it is in an office-training, on a yoga mat or during a mountaineering expedition: I see people that are challenged, people that find connection to their own bodies and senses, and people that are inspired to live life to the fullest. 

I know what it is like to work in a highly demanding corporate environment. After attaining a Masters degree in Political Philosophy I worked as a strategy consultant, advising big corporates and working long hours.  My world was centred in the cognitive domain and I lost track of the value of experience. I resided in my head instead of my body and the world beneath my feet.

Becoming an experience-expert in the field of stress and burn-out I discovered the grounding power of sensory awareness in the process. Through study and experience I learned about the human body and brain. I researched the effects of exercise, breath work and meditation.


Our physiological systems are amazing and intricate. When we apply the right wisdom and skills we are able to 'hack' the system. Training allows us to break patterns and transform, to thrive in life. It's my mission to share my experience and develop simple tools to help others to transform and thrive. 


Getting ready for a Brain & Yoga Nidra w

Book a training

Book a training or workshop for you and your colleagues or join as an individual in one of the scheduled training programs.


Join a retreat

Join me for a multi-day immersion on a special location to connect to yourself with body, mind and soul.


Let's co-create

Contact me for tailor made solutions such as a talk at your next event, a training program or an off-site retreat.

“The answers you seek

never come

when the mind is busy,

they come

when the mind is still.”


- Leon Brown


There are a few building blocks that connect most thing I do.

These are principles I value.


Daily life is full of noise, and distraction. We need stillness to listen deeply. Often it's stillness where we find purpose and direction. We can find stillness everywhere, but it is best found in nature. That's why I love to take my clients deep into the wild. 


I believe we need challenge in order to grow. Great things never come from comfort zones. Transformation is created by the heat of friction. With the right mixture of challenge and self-care we can explore what we are capable of, push our limits and thrive.


To look within and to be open to whatever it is you find requires courage.

Self-inquiry is the continuous practice of genuine curiosity for the present moment experience. It's daring to ask the big questions: Who am I? What is it I am here for?


It is my mission to increase present moment awareness. I help people harness it

to gain self-insight and expand their performance across all fields of life; whether it is the 

effectiveness of their work, quality of their relationships or joy of life in general.


"Barbara laat in 4 sessies zien hoe Mindfulness kan helpen om de dagelijkse stress te verminderen. Zij is een ervaringsdeskundige en kan daarom heel goed inspelen op de behoeften in een Corporate omgeving. Barbara heeft mij laten zien wat je kunt bereiken als je even afstand neemt van de dagelijkse waan en naar jezelf als toeschouwer observeert. Ineens wordt het dan een stuk duidelijk waar die onrust vandaan komt en, net zo belangrijk,  wat je er zelf aan kunt doen." 

- Yolanda, NIBC Bank


I have been educated and certified in different fields of study and I continuously enrol in training programs and workshops to develop myself further.

  • RPYT85 pre- & postnatal yoga, Awakened Spirit (ongoing)

  • Neuro psychology, biologische grondslagen: cognitie, Open Universiteit (ongoing)

  • iRest level 1, iRest intitute, Richard Miller (2021)

  • Para yoga nidra, Para Yoga, Rod Stryker (2021)

  • Yoga history & philosophy, Doug Keller (2020)

  • Post-MSc. Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, Center for Minfulness, RadboudUMC, Radboud University Nijmegen (Mindfulness trainer category 1) (2020)

  • RYT300 Para Yoga (2019)

  • Mountain Medicine, Outdoor medicine (2018)

  • Yoga therapy, Nieuwe Yoga School, Anneke Sips (2018)

  • RYT500 International Yoga Alliance accredited yoga & meditation teacher, Zuna Yoga (2016)

  • Tiroler Bergwanderführer, Bergsportführerverband Tirol (2015)

  • Outdoor First Aid (2015)

  • RYT200 International Yoga Alliance accredited and experienced (>1000 hours of teaching) yoga & meditation teacher, Frog Lotus Yoga International (2015)

  • MSc. Political Philosophy, Leiden University (2012)

  • BSc. Political Science, Leiden University (2011)

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